AAPB Webinar Series with the Boston Library Consortium

This past March, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) hosted two webinars with the Boston Library Consortium. This two-part webinar series provided an overview on the AAPB as well as review ways in which it can be effectively used as a resource for teaching and research. Part I - "Accessibility of AAPB in Academic Libraries" This … Continue reading AAPB Webinar Series with the Boston Library Consortium

AAPB NDSR March Webinars

We have two resident-hosted webinars coming up in March: Through the Trapdoor: Metadata & Disambiguation in Fanfiction, a case study (Kate McManus) Thursday, March 9th 3:00 PM EST Within the last twenty years, fanfiction writing has transfigured from disparate communities like webrings within Geocities communities into websites like AO3, providing a more intimate and interactive … Continue reading AAPB NDSR March Webinars

Register for our upcoming webinars

We have two free, resident-hosted, open-to-the-public webinars coming up in January! Challenges of Removable Media in Digital Preservation (Eddy Colloton) Thursday, January 12th, 3:00 PM ET Removable storage media could be considered the most ubiquitous of digital formats. From floppy disks to USB flash drives, these portable, inexpensive and practical devices have been relied upon … Continue reading Register for our upcoming webinars