Webinar Recording Roundup

Every other Thursday, AAPB NDSR staff have invited a guest speaker to join us for a webinar for the AAPB NDSR community. We’re taking a break in December before the residents take the reigns to schedule webinars of their own, starting in January — but before signing off, we wanted to share the live recordings and slides of our last two webinars.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive: Tips and Tricks for Sharing Great Audio

Grace Radkins, Digital Content Librarian at Studs Terkel Radio Archive, discusses how the archive maximizes its partnerships with the local radio station and external programs and projects to promote the archive and make the content more accessible.

View the recorded webinar

Download the slides

(Notes from Grace: The Trint transcription page showed in the webinar is behind a password, and the link in the PowerPoint goes to their homepage. The Hyperaud.io link opens to the video shown in the webinar; their website is www.hyperaud.io.

Starchive, the Studs Terkel database, is built and maintained by Digital Relab.

You can learn a little bit about student work at the Studs Terkel archive on http://www.nvonstuds.com, although most of the images of their work has been removed at this point. Currently, the best place to find audio from the Studs Terkel archive is on the Studs Terkel Radio Archive Blog or at https://soundcloud.com/studsterkel-radio-archive.)

From Theory to Action: Digital Preservation Tools and Strategies

Danielle Spalenka, Project Director of the Digital POWRR (Preserving Objects With Restricted Resources) Project, will present on POWRR and how best to take advantage of the open-source and low-cost resources available in the digital preservation environment.

View the recorded webinar

Download the slides

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