AAPB NDSR Webinars

Every two weeks through the end of November, we’re hosting a webinar event for the AAPB NDSR community on an area that’s relevant to the current projects. (After November, the residents get to start hosting webinars themselves!)

Our first webinar, held August 12th, featured Kara van Malssen, Partner & Senior Consultant at AVPreserve, discussing “Metadata: Storage, Modeling and Quality.” Kara’s presentation can be viewed here, as well as her handouts on data modeling and data quality.

In our second webinar, held August 25th, WGBH Digital Archive Manager/Production Archival Compliance Manager Leah Weisse discussed archival engagement with public media production workflows. The full 80-minute webinar can be viewed here, and Leah’s slides are available here.

We’re also linking to all of our webinar content through the NDSR GitHub Account; track the aapbndsr_webinars repository to get updates whenever we post new content!

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