AAPB NDSR March Webinars

We have two resident-hosted webinars coming up in March:

Through the Trapdoor: Metadata & Disambiguation in Fanfiction, a case study (Kate McManus)
Thursday, March 9th
3:00 PM EST

Within the last twenty years, fanfiction writing has transfigured from disparate communities like webrings within Geocities communities into websites like AO3, providing a more intimate and interactive space for the wide world of web communities to gather and create. Recently, professionals who work to preserve and archive pop culture have begun to open dialogues with fan writers in hope that these underground communities will share their labors of love, but doing so creates its own problems for both creators and archivists.

Rated: T
Characters: Gen
Tags: meta, archives, angst, rarepair

Disclaimer: Just playing in the sandbox. DO NOT SUE, I OWN NOTHING Please read and review!

Register for “Through the Trapdoor: Metadata and Disambiguation in Fanfiction”

ResourceSpace for Audiovisual Archiving (Selena Chau)
Thursday, March 23rd
3:00 PM EST

Selena Chau (AAPB NDSR Resident, KBOO Community Radio) and Nicole Martin (Senior Manager of Archives and Digital Systems, Human Rights Watch) share their assessment and uses of ResourceSpace as an open-source tool for metadata and asset management within digital preservation workflows.

Register for “ResourceSpace for Audiovisual Archiving”

And if you missed Adam Lott’s February webinar, “Intro to Data Manipulation with Python CSV,” you can catch up now by watching the recording or viewing the slides.

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