Launching the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki

The AAPB NDSR residencies have now ended, but we're very proud to launch the final project created by our AAPB NDSR residents: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki, a technical preservation resource guide for public media organizations. Selena Chau, Eddy Colloton, Adam Lott, Kate McManus, Lorena Ramírez-López, and Andrew Weaver have highlighted their collaboration … Continue reading Launching the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki

AAPB NDSR March Webinars

We have two resident-hosted webinars coming up in March: Through the Trapdoor: Metadata & Disambiguation in Fanfiction, a case study (Kate McManus) Thursday, March 9th 3:00 PM EST Within the last twenty years, fanfiction writing has transfigured from disparate communities like webrings within Geocities communities into websites like AO3, providing a more intimate and interactive … Continue reading AAPB NDSR March Webinars

Register for our upcoming webinars

We have two free, resident-hosted, open-to-the-public webinars coming up in January! Challenges of Removable Media in Digital Preservation (Eddy Colloton) Thursday, January 12th, 3:00 PM ET Removable storage media could be considered the most ubiquitous of digital formats. From floppy disks to USB flash drives, these portable, inexpensive and practical devices have been relied upon … Continue reading Register for our upcoming webinars

Catch up on the AAPB NDSR session at AMIA!

Last Saturday, six of our seven AAPB NDSR residents presented a panel at the Association of Moving Image Archivists conference on their experiences preserving media at public broadcasting organizations across the country. If you couldn’t attend the session, we invite you to catch up virtually with this summary of questions and Tweets around the panel! … Continue reading Catch up on the AAPB NDSR session at AMIA!