Welcoming KBOO Community Radio to AAPB NDSR

The staff of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) at WGBH has announced that Pacifica Radio Archives will no longer be a host for the AAPB NDSR program. A major component of the Institute of Museum and Library Services-funded grant project is to cultivate digital stewards in environments that offer strong mentorship and opportunities for professional growth in the field of digital preservation. It is crucial to us that each of our residents receives full-time support and an enriching experience from our AAPB NDSR host mentors and organizations. Due to cutbacks in the Pacifica Foundation archives staff, Pacifica was no longer able to commit to providing the mentorship component of the project. As a result, WGBH decided to secure a new position for Selena Chau, the resident initially assigned there.

NDSR resident Selena Chau will be completing an exciting digital project at KBOO Community Radio, Portland, Oregon’s listener-supported community radio station. Chau’s work there will not only cultivate her skills in digital preservation, but also have a lasting effect on the station and its collection. We are pleased to welcome KBOO to the AAPB NDSR community. KBOO submitted a great proposal in December 2015, and was a host institution runner-up; we’re thrilled that we now have the opportunity to work with them.

During her residency at KBOO, Chau will aid in the design and development of a process for the digitization, preservation, and cataloging of 7,500 historic KBOO programs dating from the late 1960s. The project will involve designing the metadata catalog, as well as investigating and developing systems for search and access to the digitally archived programs. To read more about KBOO’s project, visit our AAPB NDSR Hosts page.

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