Police relations in public media

Our hearts are with those who are grieving unnecessary loss of life today.

The following primary source materials from public media stations around the country document some of the history of the complex dynamic between police forces and marginalized communities in the United States.

“Seeds of Discontent”
Detroit, Michigan, 1968
Part of a WDET series discussing issues affecting the black community, these programs focus on the police, riots, and red-light districts.

“Transsexuals and the Police”
San Francisco, CA, 1968
Three trans members of the organization Conversion Our Goal discuss police relations with a Community Relations Officer of the SFPD, in a panel moderated by the San Francisco Bail Project.

“Conference on racism in the law”
San Francisco, CA, 1968
Nine Bay Area legal organizations sponsored a conference on ‘Racism in the law’ on May 4, 1968; this is the concluding session of the conference.

“Police fire on Black Panther headquarters”
Oakland, CA, 1968
KPFA reports on the police attack on the Black Panther Party headquarters in Oakland on September 10, 1968, including interviews with several major figures in the Black Panther movement.

“The Death of George Jackson”
Berkeley, CA, 1971
News story from KPFA on the death of Black Panther George Jackson, killed in a prison escape. The recording also contains a story on disturbances in Camden, New Jersey, following the police beating and subsequent death of Rafael Rodriguez Gonzalez.

“Interviews with Tactical Patrol Force officers”
Boston, MA, 1975
Members of the Tactical Patrol Force answer questions about their role and respond to charges of police violence.

“Steps of Force” (in Front Street Weekly)
Portland, OR, 1985
An episode of a regular Oregon Public Broadcasting news magazine  discusses the ongoing issue of police brutality.

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