Thinking about hosting an AAPB National Digital Stewardship Resident?

Interested in becoming an AAPB NDSR host? We’ve updated our host application page to include all the information and documentation that’s necessary to become an AAPB NDSR host, including proposal forms, institutional requirements, sample applications, and suggestions for what an AAPB NDSR project might look like.

We’ll also be hosting a webinar next week, on Wednesday, September 9, aimed at organizations that might be interested in hosting an AAPB NDSR resident and would like more information. Casey Davis, Project Manager of the AAPB, and Rebecca Fraimow, Program Coordinator of AAPB NDSR, will walk through the application process, answer specific questions from attendees, and maybe even brainstorm potential project ideas live on air.

Register for the webinar here!

If there’s any topics you’re curious about and would like to see addressed on the webinar, feel free to email us at or and we’ll make sure to bring them up!

(Potential residents, stay tuned – we’ll be hosting another informational webinar targeted specifically at residents sometime in the next few months.)

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