AAPB NDSR Application TweetUp

Got questions about applying for AAPB NDSR? Join us for a TweetUp on Monday, February 29th, from 1:30-2:30 PM EST, to ask questions about the application process and discuss the NDSR experience!

We’ll be hosting the TweetUp under the American Archive Twitter account, @amarchivepub, using the hashtag #ndsrapps

Several host institution representatives will be available through personal or institutional Twitter accounts to answer questions about their residency projects, including:

@dericed  Dave Rice from CUNY TV
@awilkens Ann Wilkens from Wisconsin Public Television
@LDMArchive Leslie Bourgeois from Louisiana Public Broadcasting
@WYSO Juliet Fromholt and Neenah Ellis from WYSO
@jolene2323 Jolene Beiser from Pacifica Radio Archives

If you have questions about a specific project or organization, feel free to Tweet hosts directly, but make sure to tag your questions with the #ndsrapps hashtag so others can find the answers too.

Several current and past NDSR residents will also be available to answer questions about the NDSR experience, including:

@DinahHandel Dinah Handel, current resident at CUNY TV
@AlicePrael Alice Prael, current resident at JFK Presidential Library
@J_IreneTieman Jessica Tieman, current resident at the Government Publishing Office
@ncontaxis Nicole Contaxis, current resident at the National Library of Medicine
@kiddarchivist Mary Kidd, current resident at New York Public Radio
@margo_padilla Margo Padilla, former resident at University of Maryland Libraries and Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (and current project director for NDSR NY)
@mollyfication Molly Schwartz, former resident at the Association of Research Libraries
@shirapeltzman Shira Peltzman, former resident at the Carnegie Hall Archives
@jy_kim29 Julia Kim, former resident at NYU Libraries

(And @rhfraim, former resident at WGBH — I’ll be sharing the @amarchivepub account for the Twitter chat, but if you want me to weigh in on something personally while wearing my former resident hat, feel free to Tweet at my personal account.)

And if you’re looking to learn more about the moving image archives professional community, the Association of Moving Image Archivists Access Committee will also be participating in the TweetUp, under the account @AMIAnet

Check back here before the TweetUp for an updated list of participants — we’re looking forward to talking with you!


2 thoughts on “AAPB NDSR Application TweetUp

  1. Hi,

    I missed the TweetUp (and don’t know how to access it anyway.)

    Does this mean there will be another round of NDSR hosting applications this year?


    Michael Wells
    KBOO Board treasurer

  2. Hi Michael — you’re still in time for the TweetUp! It’ll be happening on Twitter today at 1:30 PM EST (so, in about ten minutes.) However, it’s targeted towards students and recent graduates who are looking to apply to become residents for the hosts that were selected for this year, rather than towards prospective hosts.

    We don’t know yet whether there will be another round of NDSR hosting applications — we hope so, but if there are, it probably won’t be this year.

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