Important AAPB NDSR Updates

In order to ensure that all residents will receive appropriate healthcare benefits, we will be selecting seven residents and hosts to fund through AAPB NDSR — not eight, as was initially announced.

Previous NDSR programs did not provide benefits for for residents, and funding for benefits was therefore not included in our grant award from IMLS. However, federal regulations around employees have changed since we received the award, and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the residents receive benefits in accordance with federal standards. Although we regret having to reduce the number of residencies that we can offer, we are excited to now officially confirm that AAPB NDSR residents will receive full employee benefits in accordance with their standing as professionals in the field.

We will potentially be seeking alternative funding to provide for additional residencies; however, at this time, we only intend to select seven host organizations to host residents.

For more information about how residents will be paid and benefits provided, please see our updated FAQ page.

We are also looking forward to crowdfunding the Public Broadcasting Preservation Scholarship, a travel scholarship for host representatives to attend the AAPB NDSR Immersion Week.  The amount that we can reimburse hosts for travel costs to attend Immersion Week will be dependent on the amount of funds raised during this campaign. Hosts will be required to cover any remaining costs to send their representative to Immersion Week. Selected hosts can help us reach the crowdfunding goal through promotion of our IndieGogo campaign to their communities and networks. Attendance at additional conferences throughout the program will be optional and dependent on what level of funds are raised.

PLEASE NOTE: We have updated our application documentation for hosts to reflect the changes to the program. Updated forms are now available on the Host Application page of this site. The updated forms are all labeled UPDATED 9/28/2015 along the top. Please use the updated forms when completing your host applications. Host applications submitted using outdated forms will be sent back to the host for re-submission.

Our host application process will be open from October 1 through December 1. Please let us know if you have any questions about these changes, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. We look forward to receiving your applications!

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