Local Oregon Public Affairs Featured in New AAPB Collection: “Seven Days”

Seven Days title logo

The Seven Days collection contains more than 40 digitized episodes available online of the weekly 30-minute TV public affairs show Seven Days, aired by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) between 1997-2003. Produced by Morgan Holm and moderated by Stephanie Fowler, the show featured news reports accompanied by discussions with journalists and others on current events in Oregon. Some recurring guests included David Reinhard (The Oregonian), Hasso Hering (Albany Democrat-Herald), Dana Haynes (Lake Oswego Review), Mark Zusman (Willamette Week), Naseem Rakha (Salem Public Radio), and Bridget Barton (Brainstorm Magazine), among many others. Themes discussed in the show include the environment, politics, education, health, and business, and many of the topics addressed continue to be extremely relevant, and some still controversial today, such as school shootings, abortion, and the legalization of marijuana.

Operating for 99 years, and with outstanding radio and TV programs under their belt, such as Seven Days (1996), Oregon Considered (1989), Oregon Field Guide (1990), Oregon Experience (2006), and Think Out Loud (2008), OPB provides essential news, information, and entertainment to the Pacific Northwest. With public service at the heart of its journalistic mission, and powered by the continued support of its members, OPB delivers fact-based local, regional, and national news coverage daily, along with deep investigative reporting, original OPB series, podcasts, and more, that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on OPB TV, OPB Radio, opb.org and on digital and social media.

This collection was digitized between September 2021 and April 2022 by Valeria Dávila Gronros as part of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship, a collaboration with the University of Alabama’s School of Library and Information Studies.

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