Public Radio’s LGBTQ Youth Program ‘OutCasting’ is Now Available in the AAPB

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting is pleased to welcome OutCasting to the collection! An extraordinary series of public radio LGBTQ youth programs from Media for the Public Good, Inc. / OutCasting Media, the newly launched special collection is made up of 129 episodes from three distinct series produced by Media for the Public Good, Inc. / OutCasting Media in the New York Hudson Valley.

OutCasting is by and for LGBTQ youth and straight allies, and is also intended for a general listening audience that is open to learning about LGBTQ issues, but may not know much about them. Episodes from OutCasting Media deal with issues in-depth as seen from the perspectives of LGBTQ youth and straight allies, including topics like marriage equality, gender identity, and relationships with family and community members. Additional topics discussed in the series includes the representations of LGBTQ people, Stonewall, marriage equality, transitioning, coming out, religion, politics, families, homophobia, transphobia, LGBTQ visibility, and histories of the LGBTQ community.

OutCasting began as a local program heard only on WDFH, owned by the Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc. and when WDFH went off the air in 2013, the organization’s name changed to Media for the Public Good, Inc. In 2019 Media for the Public Good, Inc. / OutCasting Media submitted episodes of OutCasting to the AAPB.

We’re very excited to get OutCasting into the American Archive of Public Broadcasting! As a series by and for LGBTQ youth and allies, this collection is so important to promoting awareness and education, and we are happy to provide access to episodes of the series in the collection. OutCasting was one of our early cases using our new Archival Management System (AMS) so ingesting materials into our system was a bit of a learning experience, although a positive one.

We were also helped by the fact that the folks at Media for the Public Good, Inc. / OutCasting Media thoughtfully provided us with a document detailing information on the history, goals, and mission of the organization and the series that they had submitted to the AAPB, which was instrumental to writing the special collection.

It was also important that the special collection showcased the wide spectrum of materials in the collection. To do that, we decided to focus on a variety of formats, including interviews, reports, and quiz shows, as well as a number of subjects that convey not only the variety of materials in the collection, but also convey part of the wide spectrum of LGBTQ life.

WGBH Archivist, Miranda Villesvik:

Learn more about the collection at!

Featured Items include:

Full interview at

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