Public Media and the Historic Events of 1969

This summer marked the 50th anniversary of historic events such as the Apollo 11 moon landing, riots at the Stonewall Inn, and the Woodstock music festival – to name only a few. In some cases, these events marked the end or continuation of a much longer historical process, and we invite you to explore ways that public radio and television covered this history through programs created by organizations across the nation over the past 70+ years.

Below is a brief list of relevant programs, but we invite you to do a deeper dive at!

Public Media in 1969

Here to highlight the role of public media in covering these events, we welcome back Christopher Brown, Archives Engagement Intern at the AAPB who will be publishing a series of articles about this fascinating topic. Christopher is currently pursuing a Masters in History with a focus in Archives.
Broadcasting in a Tumultuous Time
The Civil Rights Movement
The Student Movement

JUNE: Riots at the Stonewall Inn

Stonewall Uprising Interviews Collection from American Experience, WGBH
LGBT+ Special Collection

JULY: The Apollo 11 Moon landing

To the Moon Special Collection from NOVA, WGBH
Space Exploration on Public Broadcasting blog post

AUGUST: Woodstock Music Festival

Rock and Roll interview with Larry Graham from WGBH

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