Consider voting for the AAPB’s PBS Annual Meeting Breakout Session Proposal!

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) has submitted a break-out session proposal for the 2018 PBS Annual Meeting this coming May. Please consider voting for our presentation proposal (detailed below). It’s on the second page of the SurveyMonkey voting form, titled “Engage your Community to Celebrate Your History: Tools from the AAPB.” If selected, together with archivists and volunteer managers at Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Rocky Mountain PBS, and Wisconsin Public Television, we will discuss outreach methods and tools to activate local communities through the preservation of public media’s rich legacy.

Thank you for your support and please share with your fellow #pubmedia fans!



Engage your community to celebrate your history: tools from the AAPB

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) coordinates a national effort to preserve public media. The AAPB preserves over 50,000 hours of historic content from over 100 stations and is acquiring up to 25,000 hours of digitized content annually. At this session, AAPB staff will 1) demo crowdsourcing games, and metadata automation tools used by the AAPB to improve access 2) provide marketing and community engagement toolkits and tips for promoting and enhancing your stations’ archive 3) discuss the workflow and requirements for contributing to the AAPB, including an overview of grant opportunities for digitization and suggested partnerships and 4) demo PBCore tools developed by the AAPB for use by stations in managing their content.

Takeaways:  Attendees will learn how to use the AAPB crowdsourcing games to engage stations’ local communities; utilize marketing toolkit to increase interest in station history; develop ideas to pursue grants and funding to support your station contribution to the AAPB; and better maintain content libraries.

Interactivity:  The session will be hands on activities playing the crowdsourcing games, using the tools, and brainstorming methods to engage communities with these tools. Demos of game and tools will be given and participants will be encouraged to use them.

Potential Speakers:  
Laura Sampson, Rocky Mountain PBS
Leslie Bourgeois, Archivist, Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Ann Wilkens, Wisconsin Public Television
Casey Davis Kaufman, Associate Director MediaLibraryand Archives, WGBH
Karen Cariani, Senior Director, Project Director, WGBH and American Archive of Public Broadcasting
Submitted by:  Karen Cariani, WGBH

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