Tune-In with #PubMedia50

A Month-long Celebration of the Public Broadcasting Act’s 50th Anniversary

Happy UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage! What better day than today to kick-off our month-long commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act, signed by President Lyndon Johnson on November 7, 1967. We’re joining in with other public broadcasters and organizations such as PBS, NPR, CPB and APTS to celebrate this momentous milestone in our history.

To celebrate the anniversary, we’re inviting you to a five-week social media campaign encouraging institutions and individuals to share their unique personal and institutional histories surrounding the history and preservation of public broadcasting.

Every week beginning in November 2017, we’ll issue a new #PubMedia50 challenge. The goal of each challenge is to engage in community, discover histories, share those stories with the public, and start dialogues. Get the theme beforehand by contacting our Engagement and Use Manager, Ryn Marchese at ryn_marchese@wgbh.org, or check out our social pages on Mondays!

Tune-in on Thursdays! We invite public broadcasting organizations, museums, archives, libraries, historians, public media fans, and other cultural organizations to personalize #PubMedia50 and share the stories in your own holdings and memories.

As for us, we’ll be posting content from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting every day. Don’t miss a beat and let us know what you think!

But we’ll give you a sneak peek, here’s the theme to Week One!

Week 1 | Post your content on November 2nd (Th): Firsts and Major Ideas 

(First Broadcasts/ First Broadcasters / Major Contributors / Major Ideas)

Share your ‘firsts’! What was the first public broadcasting program or series you watched? When did your station go on the air? Who were the major supporters and early pioneers that led to the development of public broadcasting in the United States? What ideas inspired the formation of public broadcasting and public programming? What are the earliest and most significant public broadcasting content and records in your collections?

  • To get started:

Example Tweets:

“We’re teaming up with @amarchivepub and #PubMedia50 stations to celebrate #PubMedia! Join in and share your history & content!”

“We’re joining @amarchivepub in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act at #PubMedia50!”

Instagram/Facebook Post:

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, we’ll be posting content to celebrate the history and preservation of public broadcasting! Teaming up with @amarchivepub, #PubMedia50 stations, academics, and community members we’ll have a new #PubMedia50 theme each week. Join the conversation by tagging your post with #PubMedia50.

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(Photo: Yoichi Okamoto, LBJ Library)

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