First of all, I can’t believe we’re over halfway through this residency. It just doesn’t seem possible!

Secondly, MPR just celebrated its 50th anniversary, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge it. Happy Birthday, Minnesota Public Radio! Between Classical, News, and the Current, there is always more to explore, and your archive is off the hook. I feel really lucky to be part of the push to make it as accessible as possible. In the past few months, here in the archive we have been getting ready for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and have gotten a great deal of support to make stories accessible, especially to the news room. Our projects, including the NHPRC grant that I continue to dive into, is a way to highlight the rich culture and diversity here in Minnesota, and MPR’s commitment to tell the stories of this state.

Part of this residency is to dive into the work culture at our host institutions, let me just say, everyone at MPR has been wonderful. I feel welcome, I feel supported. I go to all the work meetings, coffee breaks, etc. So nothing was going to keep me from the annual Cabaret last month! I met people from all over the station and even some board members, caught up with folks I don’t see very often, went to the talent show (it is unfair how talented some of these folks are), ate some amazing fancy mac & cheese.  And then there was a rock show in the parking garage. Because of course there was!

Working here feels like a gift but in true MPR fashion, they have a present for all of us, courtesy of jeremy messersmith:

MPR celebrated all week, but the party will actually last all year and the archives team is delighted to be a part of that.

This post was written by Kate McManus, resident at Minnesota Public Radio.

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