AAPB @ NFCB 2016

Earlier this month, the AAPB team traveled to Denver, Colorado for the 2016 National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) conference. This was our first year to attend the NFCB conference, and we were all very inspired by the attendees’ commitment and dedication to their work, their stations, their community of listeners, and their advocacy for community broadcasting. We left the conference excited to continue collaborations with community broadcasters to preserve and provide access to stations’ historic content.

As part of the conference break-out sessions, Karen Cariani, Alan Gevinson, Rachel Curtis, and Casey Davis led a panel discussion titled “Archiving Radio History.” During the session, Karen gave an update on the AAPB initiative and projects; Alan gave an overview of the AAPB Online Reading Room and spoke to the significance of the collection for historical research; Rachel discussed preservation activities at the Library of Congress; and Casey talked about how stations can get involved in the AAPB.

The slides above include links to the documents we referenced in the session, such as our inventory template, Collections Acquisitions Form, Deed of Gift and technical specifications, which you can also find on our website.

aapb_teamIt was an amazing conference overall, and we hope to attend again in the future. And we couldn’t leave Colorado without doing some hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park!

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