AAPB welcomes Rachel Curtis, new Digital Conversion Specialist

The AAPB team is thrilled to welcome Rachel Curtis as our new Digital Conversion Specialist at the Library of Congress. In this role, Rachel is the project manager for the Library of Congress side of the AAPB project. She is involved with metadata mapping, reporting, planning, oversight, and overall coordination activities.

Rachel Curtis, AAPB Digital Conversion Specialist

Rachel has a background in Anthropology and Art History and earned her MLIS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a concentration in Archives Management. She previously worked at the Harley-Davidson Archives, where she was a project manager for their audiovisual digitization projects. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading, visiting museums, playing video games, and bike riding.

She has only just begun to explore the AAPB collection, but as of today, Rachel’s favorite item in the AAPB comes from Wyoming PBS. It’s an episode of Main Street, Wyoming featuring an interview with Pius Moss, an Arapaho language and history teacher, in which he discusses importance of the preservation of the Arapaho language and all that it represents.

Welcome to the AAPB team, Rachel!

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