Meet Sadie Roosa, our new American Archive team member

sadie_roosaHi! I’m Sadie Roosa, and I’m very excited to join the American Archive team here at WGBH. I’ve already met many of you before, through emails and phone calls, when I was helping to wrap up the Content Inventory Project. In the meantime, I worked on several other WGBH projects, and got to manage the final stages of the Boston TV News Digital Library website (which you should all totally go check out. It’s awesome!). Now, I’m eager as ever to start back in on this grand endeavor.

I will be working on many different parts of the project, supporting Project Manager Casey Davis,  but I will be mainly focused on metadata and cataloging. I’m thrilled with this assignment because it means I get to watch and listen to all of the great content that’s being digitized. Just taking a few cursory strolls through the AMS, I’ve already come across so many interesting things that I can’t even pick a favorite.

As I will likely be working with many of the station contacts, I thought it’d be a good idea to tell you a bit more about myself. I graduated with my MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011, and before that got my BA in Literary Studies at Simon’s Rock, a very small college in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Most of my free time is spent cooking, reading, watching TV (I am an AV archivist, whatcha gonna do?), and walking around Boston. I also love to bake, and apparently I’m pretty good at it. One time when I brought scones in for the office, I had a coworker run up to me and yell, “Did you makes these?! What are you even doing working here?! You should be selling these in a bakery.” I chose to take that as a compliment.

If you ever plan on visiting us here in Boston, I’d love to meet you. Just give me a day’s notice, and I’ll whip up your favorite cookies, cake, scones, pie, etc. You can also contact me with questions whenever, at 617.300.2668 or sadie_roosa [at] wgbh [dot] org. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered how to send muffins as email attachments.

One thought on “Meet Sadie Roosa, our new American Archive team member

  1. I enjoyed your introduction, Sadie. NI am Laura Sampson at Rocky Mountain PBS. We have a volunteer-driven archive that started fourteen years ago. Casey can tell you more and you can also go to to find out more. I look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to the PBS archive family!

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