American Archive Ceremony & “The Atlantic” articles

On February 10, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting hosted an event celebrating the American Archive, which took place in the marvelous Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress. The ceremony featured speeches by CPB’s President and CEO Patricia Harrison, Librarian of Congress Dr. James Billington, WGBH’s President and CEO Jon Abbott, and Senator Ed Markey. Check out CPB’s photo gallery of the event on their Facebook page: Earlier that day, the American Archive teams from WGBH and the Library of Congress met in a day-long meeting to discuss our progress on the current project as well as plans for moving forward.

Over the past couple of months, the American Archive team has collaborated with Senior Associate Editor of The Atlantic Becca Rosen (@beccarosen) on a series of online articles spotlighting the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, which launched in conjunction with the American Archive ceremony.

The Atlantic series began with an introduction and overview of the project (and had more than 6,000 Facebook shares!), which you can read here: The Race to Save America’s Public-Media History.

Below are links to the articles that have since followed, each featuring a clip from the collection contributed by a participating station:

1. Listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra Stop a Performance to Announce JFK’s Assassination

2. Thurgood Marshall: The Constitution Had to Be ‘Corrected’

3. Patty Griffin, Before Anyone Had Heard of Her

4. Julia Child ‘Edits’ Videotape

5. Eleanor Roosevelt Talks to John F. Kennedy About the Status of Women in Society

6. Not Exactly Jimmy Fallon

7. Newly Digitized Footage Reveals an RFK Speech One Week Before His Assassination

8. Beyond ‘the Dream’: The Lesser Known Moments of the March on Washington

9. Video: Ronald Reagan’s Press Conference After ‘Bloody Thursday’

10. A Glimpse Into 1970s Gay Activism

11. The Courir de Mardi Gras 

Three more articles will be published as part of the series, and we will add links to each of those on the page above titled “Media.”

This post was written by Casey E. Davis, Project Manager for the AAPB at WGBH.Casey-headshot

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