Home Movie Day

Please feel free to check out this blog post on my personal website, eddycolloton.com 1973-1974 - Water Skiing and Snow Skiing from Eddy Colloton on Vimeo. My grandfather, James Colloton, Sr. (1926-2014), or "Papa" to my cousins and me, recorded home movies of my dad and his siblings with his 8mm film camera. Christmas mornings, … Continue reading Home Movie Day

Digital Stewardship at KBOO Community Radio

Two weeks have passed since the start of the 2016 American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) NDSR fellowship program, and I am so glad that I applied and received a spot as one of the seven fortunate residents! Kate McManus, Tressa Graves, Adam Lott, Eddy Colloton, Andrew Weaver, Selena Chau, Lorena Ramirez-Lopez. Stay updated via … Continue reading Digital Stewardship at KBOO Community Radio